Things You Need To Know If Travelling To Bhutan For The First Time

Things You Need To Know If Travelling To Bhutan For The First Time


You must have heard stories about the splendour of Bhutan. A visit to Bhutan is surely in your travel bucket list. Bhutan is the only country where happiness is measured and chilli also tastes sweet as it is made with all the warmth and love. The magical skies, authentic forts and dzongs with excelling architecture reflecting traditions, endless natural beauty and jaw dropping wonders of flora and fauna explains only a few parts of Bhutan’s beauty. You need to visit the country for exploring and absorbing the positivity in each corner. Do you need more reasons to plan a Bhutan trip? Come to Bhutan an experience its great hospitality. Stay at one of the best hotels in Jaigaon.

Are you travelling to Bhutan for the first time?

Travelling to any destination for the first time is a in thrill itself. In addition, when that destination is Bhutan, the rush of excitement is completely normal. Have you done all the required? Booked your tickets? Reserved a room at one of the best hotels in Jaigaon? You must have researched well enough as well, however, it is a different country and you should know about a few protocols about Bhutan. It will add smoothness to your travel.

Travel agent is a must in Bhutan

It is mandatory to travel with a tour operator or guide in Bhutan. Not only it is a mandate, but they are the best way to travel as travel agents provide with a wholesale travel service and assist you in every aspect.

Indian currency works there

The ngultrum is the currency of Bhutan, but Indians do not have worry. Indian rupees are also accepted there. Also, you must carry some cash with you even if almost all the cost is covered in the tour package.

Summers are the new rainy season in Bhutan

The summers are quite soothing with all the nature and greenery surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas in Bhutan. However, the rains come a little as early in the happiest country. The summers of Bhutan witnesses’ rains. Therefore, the best time to visit Bhutan is the spring and falls season.

Respect the diversity

Bhutan is a tempting country when it comes to everything from natural beauty, cleanliness, royal structures to the heart-warming people. You must practice sustainable tourism and encourage preservation of the elite beauty.

The food will have your heart

If you think you might face problems in finding food, then you might be wrong Bhutan’s food and spices are world-famous. You cannot get over it once you taste it. Hop at the best restaurants and street food for satisfying your taste buds. The best hotels in Jaigaon also have multi-cuisine restaurants for all your tastes.

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