Things to Look for When You Book a Hotel in Jaigaon

Things to Look for When You Book a Hotel in Jaigaon


Jaigaon is a small town located in the Alipurduar district in the Indian state of West Bengal. The popularity of this place is increasing day by day because of its geographical location and business priority with the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. You need to reach Jaigaon while entering Bhutan by road. The famous ‘Bhutan Gate’ welcomes you to Phuentsholing where you need to approve your permit for entering Bhutan.

So, here we come up with an interesting topic that helps you to choose any hotel in Jaigaon. Normally people skip such factors but later the face problem with accommodation. This blog will give you some of the necessary information about things you need to look for when you book a hotel in Jaigaon. Staying in a good hotel is a must need for travelers while making their trip successful.

Tips You Need to Follow Before Booking a Hotel in Jaigaon


The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is cleanliness. A clean and hygienic hotel will keep you in a good mood. Check the toilets, bed shit, floor, and towels provided by the hotel before booking. So many people use to stay in hotels and it is obvious that the rooms become dirty. It is the responsibility of the management that how they manage their room by cleaning the rooms properly. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable with the cleaning process or not.

The Behavior of Hotel Staff

Hotel staffs need to be friendly and understanding by nature and they must come out with gentle behavior. Remember that you are outside the home and hotel staff must make you feel like home. Hotel in Jaigaon provides warm hospitality and offers experienced hotel staffs but still, you must check about the hotel staff to make your stay convenient and deserving. If needed the hotel staff must come fast to fix any issue regarding the room service. 

Comfortable Bed

At the end of the day, you get tired and need a night of proper sleep to start your next day full of energy. A comfortable bed is a must need for any traveler while traveling to faraway places. Many people book hotels just to sleep properly. Dirty bedsheets, used pillow covers, and smelly blanket will ruin your sleep. You must ask about a comfortable bed before booking a hotel. The clean and soft bed makes a huge difference during your stay in a hotel.

Location of the Hotel

The location of the hotel plays a big role in any traveler because all the time you don't book a hotel just to sleep alone. Whether you will find the market near the hotel or not, whether there is an ATM near the hotel or nor, and how far is the taxi stand near your hotel. All such factors must be taken under consideration while you are booking any hotel in Jaigaon because the more convenient will be the location the more satisfied you will be with your stay in a hotel.

Value for Money

How much it worth? Yes, this question must come to your mind while booking any hotel because of money matters. You might be choosing an expensive hotel but does it giving you expectable services? You might get better service in a budget hotel. The value of money is a crucial factor during the time you choose any hotel. You should check the services and facilities offered by the hotelier. Many hotels skip complimentary breakfast and some hotels provide such additional services.

Finally, it depends on you because you need to be careful before booking a hotel in Jaigaon instead of complaining about the services later. Take your time and choose a hotel according to your choice of preferences. Budget, location, and room service are the basic parameters of selecting a hotel from so many available options.

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