The 5 Best Restaurants Near Hotel Palm in Bhutan

The 5 Best Restaurants Near Hotel Palm in Bhutan


If you are planning for a memorable Bhutan trip then you must be aware of the delicacies because food makes an emotional impact over a place. Traveling to Bhutan is all about entering the town called Phuentsholing which is known for various tourist attractions and fun full expedition. Hotel Palm is a popular hotel in Phuentsholing that offers modern amenities along with the touch of Bhutanese culture and tradition.

 You must stay in this hotel that is located in the centre of the town and gives you the privilege to finish your formalities in the Immigration Office of Bhutan. Even after getting after approval and dealing with the expedition, you might be looking for some good food over there. So, here we come out with the list of five best restaurants in Phuentsholing near Hotel Palm in Bhutan. Let's taste the delicacies during your stay in Phuentsholing.

Best Restaurants near Hotel Palm

NEC Restaurant & Bar

If you are looking for a classy setup then this restaurant is the best way to meet your desires. From lunch, dinner, and catering they are mastered in every field. All the food items are served within the professional attire and they will make you feel special by offering the triumph of taste. The splendid premise is stunningly designed and gives you all the reasons to come here again and again. Enjoy the lunch by enjoying the beautiful ambiance and get ready for the dinner with a blast. They also provide a swimming pool and bar to make you stay memorable in true sense.

Address: Near Norgay hall, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Morgan Restaurant

Enjoy the taste of Bhutanese and Indian cuisines in this amazing restaurant that gives you the space with breathtaking ambiance and fine decor. Especially during the evening, people visit this space because of its spacious rooms and delicious cuisines. Couples can enjoy their best time by ordering the special menus and can also customize the service if needed for any special occasion. You will find a variety of food options to try out along with the warm hospitality to make your visit remarkable and deserving.

Address: Norgey Cinema, Norgay lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Ap Jalaa's Restaurant & Bar

This place is known for authentic Bhutanese cuisines which help you to feel the taste of Bhutan. Being one of the most popular restaurants in Phuentsholing, they are specialists in making the best of traditional cuisines. Ema Datshi, Jasha Maroo, Phaksha Paa, and Red Rice are some of the special highlights. Visit this restaurant with your friends and family to pass on some quality time with food, gossips, and music. If needed, you can pack your food to enjoy it inside Hotel Palm, the best hotels in Phuentsholing

Address: Norgay lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Norgay Restaurant

Few places will maintain the combination of class and taste but Norgay Restaurant is a step ahead from that because they offer some of the delicious Bhutanese delicacies to prove their experience in preparing some of the best dishes in the entire Bhutan. Very near to Hotel Palm and close to Norgey cinema this is the ultimate place to have fun and glee. Visit this restaurant during your upcoming visit to Bhutan because nothing can take the place of good food.

Address: Norgey Cinema, Norgay lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Zen Restaurant

Not only in music but food also have some fusion in it. Zen Restaurant in Phuentsholing is the perfect example of a Chinese - Bhutanese Fusion Food restaurant. Located in the upper market area and around 20 walking distance from Hotel Palm, you can find this popular spot that offers steamed Momo, fried rice, noodles, Chicken chilly, Pork Hot Garlic and other authentic traditional cuisines of Bhutan. They maintain their quality from a long and serve food very fast so that you can enjoy the food and have fun without wasting valuable time.

Address: Gatoen lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

By staying in Hotel Palm you can easily experience these restaurants that offer so much for food lovers. Travelers will find an easy option to stay happy and delighted with the food they are looking for a memorable holiday in Bhutan.

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