The Most Luxurious Hotel in Phuentsholing

The Most Luxurious Hotel in Phuentsholing


There is no one that doesn’t dream of a Bhutan holiday and is a common interest that everyone has in their checklist. It is really amazing how a country that once didn’t allow any tourist is now flooded with Asian and International tourists. Finding an ideal hotel is a must for all vacation and if you get a luxurious deal at a standard rate, the experience becomes more fun.

Planning Bhutan?

Most of the tourist who visits Bhutan needs to enter through the Phuentsholing gate and also get their permits done there. It is quite an important place for your Bhutan tour and amazingly there are luxurious stay options here, at prices that are pretty affordable to be true.  Let us tell you more about Hotel Palm, the first choice and a popular choice when it comes to a luxurious hotel in Phuentsholing.

Experience World-class service

There are just a few options when it comes to amazing world-class stay experience when it comes to Luxurious Stay options. Hotel Palm is a popular stay choice for all kinds of tourists be it solo, group, couple or elderly vacationers. It has quite a flexible hospitality option that melts well with any kind of travel motive.

A Luxurious Way of Living

The luxurious Hotel Palm exhibits State of the Art facilities and has an excellent architectural excellence that highlights its glorious structure and magnificent living experience.  The Hotel offers excellent living facility and luxurious amenities that makes living, a wonderful experience. It is amazing how Hotel Palm provides out of the ordinary services to every type of travelers. It is an innovative stay experience and a popular choice for a luxurious Stay Experience.  

Our Priority Your Luxury

We have packed for you a range of luxurious amenities along with a living experience that stays in your head for a long time. The facilities here are elite and some of its offerings are swimming pool, a Restrobar, a minibar, coffee maker and various other luxurious offerings. So there are many luxurious treats for the tourists that stay with us. We have arranged everything from your living experience to a restrobar which serves your leisure. We have a concierge desk with active staffs to assist the guests here. We have everything in here for spending a moment, to remember always.

 Luxurious Rooms 

Before you book your stay with us it must be clear to you that all our rooms are well placed and the interiors is a fine work of art. We want your experience to always be luxurious and nothing less. We offer beautiful mountain facing rooms, Bridal suite, Luxury suites, Large Group rooms, Solo Suites as well as Deluxe rooms to suit any need.

We offer other luxurious offerings and room amenities like blackout curtains, Bathrobes, Air conditioning, Help Desk, Coffee maker, Satellite TV connectivity, extra long beds and latest modern facilities.


‘It’s time to stay in sync with Luxury’

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