List of 3-Star Hotels in Phuentsholing

List of 3-Star Hotels in Phuentsholing


Accommodation is the most important thing to make your travel memorable. You can’t just adjust with your stay unless and until you making it comfortable and a bit relaxing which adds fun to your traveling experience and finding new tales. Phuentsholing is one of the popular places in Bhutan as it is the only route to enter Bhutan for foreign tourists.

Travelers across the globe search for different options over there and put the maximum efforts to handle the deal. Here, we come out with the list of 3-star hotels in Phuentsholing which gives you more reasons to enjoy your best time in the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon. Hospitality, quality services, and modern amenities help a tourist to find comfort during their travel plan. Let’s find out the reason behind your selection.   

3-Star Hotels in Phuentsholing

Park Hotel

3 Star Hotels in Phuentsholing

Park Hotel gives you an experience that meets your desire of finding comfort and luxury. This hotel is located in the heart of the town and maintains quality services to make the guests feel comfortable. Guests are allowed to customized services to make things according to their choice of preferences. Whether you are a long-distance traveler or local guest you will find this hotel best in all respect. The Multi-cuisine restaurant inside the hotel provides delicious food to satisfy your appetite. Most importantly you will find immigration office at 2-5 minutes within walking distance. So, you can manage your time by enjoying sightseeing experiences in Phuentsholing by choosing this hotel that creates the difference.

Address: Opposite Zangdo Pelri Park, Tharpai Lam, Phuentsholing

Hotel Palm

3 Star Hotels Phuentsholing

Hotel Palm makes your moments special by meeting pleasures and the opportunity to get in touch with your inner self. If you are planning for a honeymoon then staying in this hotel will give you so many reasons to discover immense love your special one. Spending special time with a special one will create a  magical ambiance in a true sense. Feel free to give them the privilege to serve you and have an awesome stay in Phuentsholing. Get relaxed by getting into the swimming pool and excellent room services. You will also get air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, private balcony, LED TV, and laundry service in terms of finding everything under one roof.

Address: Norgay Lam, Beside Bharat Benz, Phuntsholing

Hotel Druk

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Staying in a hotel that takes care of all essential areas like room service, dining, cleanliness, comfort, and an ultimate luxury can definitely add fun to your traveling experiences. Share your problems with the management and get an instant response because their only intention is to make you feel better. You will find 24 hours of assistance with a committed team who are experienced in the hotel industry for many years. They believe in integrity and provide the highest level of values and ethics with the only motive of satisfying customers. As per your requirement, you can choose a presidential suite, superior room, and a regular room for your accommodation in Phuentsholing.

Address: Post Box Number: 148, Zhung Lam, Phuentsholing

Lakhi Hotel

Best Hotels in Phuentsholing

Lakhi Hotel is one of the popular 3-Star hotels in Phuentsholing that is known for its committed services and delicious food. This hotel serves before you demand and make you feel happy though you can also customize your services by enjoying the privacy. Most of the tourists across the globe are familiar with their services and try to book their rooms in advance to get the facilities genuinely. You too can experience their services by stepping ahead into this hotel which build-up warm relation with the guests in terms of meeting the satisfaction. You just wish and they will deliver the services which make you feel like a home. Choose this hotel to make the best way of accommodation.

Address: Pelkhil Lam, Phuentsholing

Gadhen Hotel

hotels in Phuentsholing

Choosing a hotel is sometimes becomees the greatest trouble for any traveler and Gadhen Hotel in Phuentsholing understands this fact and comes out with the solution. Your expectations before traveling to Bhutan can be fulfilled by choosing this that likes to deal with the expectations of their guests. From hospitality to providing vision to the valued guests will let you know about the experience they gather in this field. Standard Single, Deluxe Queen, and Suite are available for making your stay more comfortable where the faculties vary depending upon the category of the rooms. Every time you visit this hotel you will get amazed by their services because improvement is the only thing they focused on after getting appreciation from their guests.

Address: Phuensum Lam, Phuentsholing

If you are wondering about the facilities provided by the 3-Star hotels in Phuentsholing then you need to book your room now. Visit the land of happy people by getting the best services that will meet your thirst for finding comfort.

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