How Hospitality is the Main Key for Hotel Industry

How Hospitality is the Main Key for Hotel Industry


The modern hotel industry does not just rely on the kind of accommodation and room service that is provided. The staff behaviour and overall hospitality is something that keeps the reputation on a hotel upto the mark. It is due to this reason that the best hotels in Phuentsholing employ staff from a good background and train them in a way where they can satisfy the customers and fulfill all their demands. Phuentsholing is the most popular place in Bhutan as almost majority of the travellers have to enter the country through this place.

What is the role of hospitality in hotel industry?

Hospitality primarily looks into attending all the necessary requirements of the customers and aims towards providing the best kind of facilities in order to satisfy them. The best hotels in Phuentsholing have the following features that come under the hospitality sector:

Best accommodation facilities

Accommodation facility is the most vital requirement that is fulfilled by the hotels all over the world. Therefore, the quality of accommodation and availability of rooms at all times are some of basic things that are looked upon. A proper accommodation means a room that is well equipped with the electronic amenities, proper lights, spacious with proper wardrobe and most importantly a hygienic bathroom.

Food and beverages

One of the other kinds of factor that affects the hospitality sector is the food and beverages that are supplied in the hotels. Packaged drinking water, properly cooked meals that are mostly cooked in the in-house kitchens is something that the hotels pay attention to in order to impress their customers throughout their stay. All the best hotels in Phuentsholing give their customers a warm welcome with their local drink or snack on the arrival so that the customers feel special right from the beginning.

Travel and tourism

Many a times, people straight away book a hotel online and leave the other plans on the hotel authorities as they also have contacts with the different travel agencies and tour operators. Especially if the place is a popular tourist destination, then the hotel authorities look into it that they are being able to provide support and services in terms of travel guidance.

Thus the best hotels in Phuentsholing are bound to fulfill all the primary needs with their extremely organised services and the customers don’t even have to mention most of them. They believe and prioritizing their customer’s demand above all other factors.

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