Do's and Dont's of Bhutan Visit

Do's and Dont's of Bhutan Visit


Are you excited for your Bhutan trip? With the evergreen hills, clear skies and countless places to explore and connect, the excitement is quite genuine. Bhutan is not only the happiest among all the countries, but also has boasts of some of the most wonderful attraction amid the untouched Himalayan peaks. However, you need to do a few preparations before you visit the new country. Check out all the best places to see and discover the various adventures and pre-booking one of the best hotels in Phuentsholing is the best option. Phuentsholing is the gateway of Bhutan and there are many facilities for tourists in terms of taxis and stay. Nevertheless, there are a few protocols that you must know as a tourist in Bhutan.

Do’ and dont’s of Bhutan visit

While there are many are exciting things to in the country of happiness, there are some things and rules that you must know. This can increase the efficiency of your travel. Stay in the best hotels in Phuetsholing and travel to every corner of Bhutan for the best experience.


  • Do make a visit to most of the Dzongs and monasteries of Bhutan. The excelling structures and forts are the specialty of the country and also has a spiritual feel attached to it. Connect with the blissful aura and atmosphere of the beautiful spots.
  • While you visit the dzongs or monasteries or come in front of the national flag, you need to take your hats off if you are wearing it. It is a sign of giving respect.
  • Interact with the locals and experience the best of hospitalities. The people of Bhutan are extremely friendly and hear warming.
  • Do purchase the mementos and antiques that you will find in the street markets of Bhutan. They are a must-buy as it is a rare creation of the most-skilled artists.
  • Bhutan is one of the safest countries, but it I advisable to care of your own belongings.
  • Do promote sustainable tourism and preserve the rich flora and fauna of the country.
  • The country boasts of some breath-taking and picturesque views. The landscapes just naturally fit into your camera and lenses like it was made for them. However, do take permission before capturing few sites, as some of them are photography-restricted.


  • Do not forget to bring your identities and cameras and electronics. On the entrance the belongings are registered by the authorities.
  • Do not smoke a cigarette in pubic. There are designated places for it.
  • Most places are considered as scared. Do not touch, or damage them.

These are some of the traits of Bhutan and you will anyway sync with the Bhutanese way as it is so influencing and mystical.

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