Benefits of Booking a Hotel in Jaigaon for Bhutan Tour

Benefits of Booking a Hotel in Jaigaon for Bhutan Tour


Jaigaon is located in the Alipurduar district in the Indian state of West Bengal and considered one of the important tourism hubs of India because of the neighboring country called Bhutan. Bhutan offers some of the exotic places on earth which attract so many tourists across the globe. Traveling to this amazing country will become more convenient by visiting Jaigaon which is easily connectable through railway and airways.

Nearest railway stations are Hasimara and New Jalpaiguri whereas, you can fly to Bagdogra airport to reach Jaigaon by renting a car. Jaigaon is connected with Phuentsholing where you can issue your permit from Bhutan Immigration Office. People prefer to stay in Jaigaon to make the Bhutan tour more comfortable. Here, we will discuss the benefits of booking a hotel in Jaigaon and how it helps you with managing your Bhutan tour. 

Benefits of booking hotel in Jaigaon during Bhutan tour


Hotels in Jaigaon

You are planning for a long-awaited tour to Bhutan and while managing your time and effort you must deal with some of the smart techniques which will help you sort out the things systematically. Booking a hotel in Jaigaon will cut down your cost when you planned of exploring Phuentsholing. Both towns are close to one another and divided by the Bhutan Gate. Hotels rates are quite reasonable in terms of staying on the other side of the gate. 



It takes almost one day to finish up the formalities in taking approval from the immigration office. So, the rest of the time you can explore the monasteries and other attractions in Phuentsholing. Phuentsholing offers you some of the best places in Bhutan so that you can learn more about their culture and tradition. Bhutan Gate will remain open till 8 PM and you can easily move from Phuentsholing to Jaigaon after your expedition.


Hotel in Jaigaon

Food makes a serious impact on your travel plan and getting the food of your choice will take you to the level of satisfaction. Phuentsholing also offers quality food but remember that after moving forward towards Bhutan you will get better opportunities to taste Bhutanese cuisines. So, till the time you are near Jaigaon, you must choose the Indian food available in popular restaurants. Find tasty and delicious Bengali cuisines to make you feel great because there Jaigaon is popular for their delicacies.

Transportation Facilities

Hotels near Jaigaon

To make your tour more adventurous and memorable you need to deal with some of the factors and one of the most important factors in transportation. You can't adjust in a crowded bus while moving towards Paro for a honeymoon tour. Sharing a car doesn't meet the comfort zone. So, the best option is to rent a car from Jaigaon. Most of the hoteliers in Jaigaon provide a well-maintained car on rent. So, you can avail car rental service by staying at hotels in Jaigaon. They will also provide you experienced drivers who are known to Bhutan and act as a guide during your tour.


budget hotels in Jaigaon

Bhutanese currency is called Ngultrum and the denomination is the same as Indian rupee where 1 BTN = 1 INR. But still, you face a problem with bigger denomination because the note of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 are not valid in Bhutan which might arise a problem in the transaction. So, it is better to know about the country in detail by staying the first night at Jaigaon. Booking a hotel in Jaigaon will help in managing such issues. You must take the notes of Rs 100 or Rs 200 denomination for your Bhutan tour from Jaigaon.

Jaigaon welcome every tourist with warm hospitality and gesture so that you can meet your desires of traveling into the country where everyone is happy and busy in developing the nation with the blessings of nature. Booking a hotel in Jaigaon for Bhutan tour is the smart option to manage your trip in a better way. 

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