10 Hotel Room Secrets You Might Want to Know Before You Check-In

10 Hotel Room Secrets You Might Want to Know Before You Check-In


Perfect vacationing demands perfect accommodation. You do not just need to soothe your itchy feet but also your entire body needs a homely retreat to recharge yourself. A comfy bed to sleep, a puffy bolster to hug and a room service to proffer warm hospitality is what you long for after a tiring day of binge sightseeing. Your chosen hotel looks exactly the way you have seen it on the internet. The room is squeaky clean, the bedsheets are super tidy, and the washrooms make you bath more. Yet have you ever wondered the hotel stuffs you are relying on are trying to hide a few secrets from you?

Here goes a sneak peek into the hotel rooms. Read on to get surprised (or maybe feel a little cheated! But that's okay) to learn about these best-kept secrets.

10 Hotel Room Secrets You Might Want to Know Before You Check-In

Complimentary Breakfast Is Not Actually Complimentary

Yeah...Read the line again. The lucrative offers the hotel offers you include breakfast like all the other facilities the hotel has on offer. You feel tempted and book the hotel immediately. But if you belong to the smarter generation, it will not take a year to realize that your complimentary breakfast was not at free but included in your bill. All the hotels do not play with your emotions. Still, be alert and inquire in advance.

The Drinking Glasses Are Not As Clean As It Looks

Remember the old saying, "All that glitters are not gold"?
You must be surprised or rather shocked to get to the truth of the sparkling drinking glasses in your bedroom. It’s not washed with a dish wash bar every time. Most of the times the glasses are just rinsed, dry, and kept for re-use. If you are prone to virus-borne diseases, then think twice before letting your thirsty lips sipping liquid from that germ-filled glass.

Move Over the "Cheap and Best" Offers

Flat 40% on Hotel Bookings.
How many times did you get lured by the search results with the same heading? Be aware. Often times the discounts are misguiding you and you are ending up with a disgusting hotel experience.

Is Your Bedding Really Clean?

Except for the luxurious hotels, the hotel staffs never actually cleans the sheets regularly.

You May Go for a Replacement Even After Checking-In

The room does not look the way you have seen in the Instagram filtered image? You may change it if it is not on par with your expectations. Though, don’t keep on changing too many rooms to end up discarding yourself from the chance to shift to another room.

Rooms Available Even If It Says No Rooms Empty

If you can inquire properly with a few good gestures you may save your night when your car stops working all of a sudden during a road trip.

Staff Is Not Paid Properly

You are irritated by the staff's poor service. But you often are not aware that they are not properly paid the way they should be.

Don't Always Pay Cancellation Fee

With a handful of smart tips, you may do away with the cancellation charges that you are supposed to pay when you cancel your trip or your accommodation.

The Best Rooms Offered Are Not Always the Best Rooms

The receptionist might not be always telling you the truth about every hotel room.

Your Hotel Room Might Have a Mysterious Past

The hotel staff including the manager will never reveal you the secrets of your hotel room. There might be a crime that occurred years ago but you will never have an inkling of the past.

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