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I am Hotel Palm in Phuentsholing, Bhutan.

In the beginning I was a tiny little thought inside a lovely couple’s head. I am born from their loving thoughts and hey, now look at me. I manifested into this beautiful structure that I am today. I feel joyful as I get to hear all the fancy words from most of the people who come in. I get excited and bit shy sometimes; humbled by such praises.

This amazing couple and their family who made me come to life and built me into a lovely home for many travellers. They, worked so hard and in doing so, filled me inside and out with so much love, warmth and positivity to make your stay magical and, out of this world.

Hotel Palm

Rejoice and multiply your awesome experiences here at Hotel Palm..., that’s what I heard couples deeply wishing for; 'a mind-blowing moment for you'.

We hope your stay is a time of renewed pleasures and an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self through all this loving energy, and likewise that you take away some special memories when it's time to leave.

I was created to let you all experience 'Love and Light'.

Please make sure you do, if not, shhhh, and feel free to calm down, talk to our lovely staff and make it into one awesome stay with me and my warm Palm family.

Allow us to create the best EXPERIENCES for you

We are as big as your heart; pouring on your presence with love and care.

We have beautifully blended in the modern elements of extravagance along with generous amounts of solace and warmth.

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