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3 star hotels in Phuentsholing

Regarded as the gateway to the Land of thunder dragons, Phuentsholing is the abode of kings and queens of the Himalayan Kingdom. Placed at an altitude of only 300 meters, Bhutan lies adjacent to Indian town Jaigaon. It offers with a peaceful experience like no other place. There are plenty of 3 star hotels in Phuentsholing to choose from.

Tourist attractions in Phuentsholing

On your trip to Phuentsholing you must visit few of these places- Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Karbandi Monastery, Bhutan Gate and Karbandi Goemba. The Bhutan Gate is a typical example of Bhutanese architecture and is the main gateway from India.

How to choose your right hotel?

There are plenty of 3 star hotels in Phuentsholing, but you must be confused about choosing the right one. Here we have shortlisted a few questions you need to get answered before taking a decision.

• Which is the best room in the hotel and what is it priced at?

• What are the types of cuisines available at the restaurant?

• Where is the hotel located?

• How far is the hotel from major tourist sites?

Now, once you get these questions answered consider the following things:-

• The hotel must be within close proximity of the railway station or the airport.

• Try to choose hotels where payments are inclusive of taxes and breakfast.

• Check-out time- This is yet another vital point to keep in mind. The hotel must have a negotiable check out time.

• Whether the hotel has facilities like pool or garden or a gym.

• Get a clear idea of the hotel through its websites and write-ups.

Why stay at Hotel Palm?

Hotel Palm is one of the best 3 star hotels in Phuentsholing and is located conveniently. There are a total number of five fairly priced rooms to choose from, each of which is spacious and luxurious. That’s just not the end; Hotel Palm even features a restaurant and a bar of its own with plethora of options in food and drinks. Hotel Palm mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and is beautiful place blended with extravagance and warmth. On your trip to Phuentsholing visit the Palm Hotel for a luxurious and comfortable stay.

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